Turkey New Testament Tour Itinerary

October 20-29, 2025


Embark on an Extraordinary New Testament Odyssey Through Turkey

Unveil the sacred chapters of the New Testament in a journey that transcends time and tradition. Join us as we explore the hallowed sites where faith, history, and culture converge, creating an experience that resonates with the spirit.

This isn’t just a tour; it’s a pilgrimage where every step whispers a sacred story. Join us on this New Testament odyssey through Turkey and let the spirit of the journey ignite your soul.

Tour Guide


Murat Çakır, a native LDS Turk, who grew up by Ephesus and has served in Church leadership in Turkey, will share insights about ancient and modern Church history. He helped translate the Book of Mormon into Turkish. Murat’s wife Susan will join the tour too. They are both BYU graduates.

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October 20 – Begin flights for Istanbul

(No meals included)

October 21 – Arrive in Istanbul: Rest Day

Plan for you flights to arrive in the afternoon or evening of October 21. (Meals included: Dinner)

October 22 – Istanbul; Hippodrome; Blue Mosque; St. Sophia; Topkapı Place; Basilica of Underground Cistern; Grand Bazaar & Caravan Serai Shopping

Begin your pilgrimage in Istanbul, where the echoes of history resound in the Hippodrome, the grandeur of the Blue Mosque, and the sublime beauty of St. Sophia. Walk the halls of Topkapı Palace, where empires were ruled, and descend into the ethereal Basilica of the Underground Cistern—a sanctuary beneath the bustling city.

Delve into the Grand Bazaar & Caravan Serai Shopping, where every corner tells a story. Let the vibrant colors of Turkish carpets and the allure of ancient treasures guide you on a journey of discovery.

(Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 23 – Istanbul: Archeological Museum; Church in Istanbul; flights to Cappadocia

Step into a treasure trove of civilizations at the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, a complex of three museums housing over a million artifacts spanning millennia. Prepare to be dazzled by the history of Anatolia, from the Hittite Empire’s hieroglyphics to the intricate sarcophagi of ancient Lycia. Marvel at the dazzling Alexander Mosaic, depicting a vibrant Greek battle scene. Visit the local LDS Church for services. Then take flights to Cappadocia. (Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 24 – Cappadocia; Göreme Open Air Museum; Dark Church; Çavuşin Valley with the Church of St. John (B,D)

Immerse yourself in Cappadocia’s spiritual allure with visits to the Göreme Open Air Museum and the mysterious Dark Church. Traverse the Çavuşin Valley, finding solace at the Church of St. John. (Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 25 – Cappadocia; Kaymaklı Underground City; Uçhisar Castle; Avanos Pottery Making; Fly to İzmir Ephesus

Explore the depths of Kaymaklı Underground City. Ascend to Uçhisar Castle for breathtaking views and witness the artistry of Avanos Pottery Making. (Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 26 – Ephesus: Mother Mary’s House; Terrace Houses; Carpets and Kilims of Turkey Lecture; St. John’s Church; Temple of Artemis

Walk the sacred grounds of Ephesus, where the New Testament comes to life. Visit the revered Mother Mary’s House and the timeless Terrace Houses. Be inspired by the tales of St. John’s Church and the majestic Temple of Artemis. (Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 27 – Drive to Pamukkale: Laodicea; Hierapolis; Pamukkale

Experience the serene beauty of Pamukkale, where mineral-rich terraces blend with ancient ruins in a divine harmony. Explore the ancient city of Laodicea and the sacred waters of Hierapolis, allowing history and spirituality to intertwine. (Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 28 – Fly to İstanbul; Bosphorus Cruise; Spice Bazaar; Farewell Dinner

Sail through the majestic Bosphorus on a captivating cruise, where East meets West. Let the Spice Bazaar enchant your senses, weaving a tapestry of flavors that transcends the ordinary. (Meals included: Breakfast, Dinner)

October 29 – Arrive home with amazing memories!

Plan your flight to leave very late evening October 28 or the morning of October 29.

Come home upgraded from a marvelous experience of uplift and new friends. (No meals included)

What’s Included


  • World class tour guides
  • 4 or 5 star hotels
  • Transfers to and from the airport (If arriving and departing with the group)
  • Entrance fees
  • Luxury tour coach bus
  • Water on the bus
  • Meals as indicated on the itinerary

What’s Not Included

  • Incidentals
  • Personal Items
  • International Flights
  • Traveler’s Insurance

“Pack your bags, get your air tickets, and we’ll take care of everything else!”



Per Person

Based on Double Occupancy

$1,120 Single Supplement

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