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You and your family are absolutely remarkable. Your energy and enthusiasm are second to none! Your humor is impeccable and your wisdom enlightening and faith-building. My testimony compounded immensely these past two weeks and I am reeling in the knowledge and experiences I felt in my heart and soul and body. Thank you are just two words, but they are laden with love and gratitude for you. With all the sincerity of my heart, these past weeks are forever etched in my being and I will be forever grateful to you and God’s mercy and grace for the opportunity.”

He is a miracle. He blessed my family and me in so many ways. I can’t believe what an intelligent, beautiful person he is. EVERYONE in my family was so blessed by his testimony and knowledge. His testimony and knowledge of history / scriptures / current geo politics are without peer.”

Thus ends the best vacation ever. Taylor Halverson is an AMAZING tour guide!! If you’re ever looking for a guide to the Holy Land, call Taylor!”

The trip was very well planned across the board. Taylor was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, accommodating to our range and variety of questions, contagiously enthusiastic and passionate, funny, and just a great person you wouldn’t mind being stuck on an island with.”

Superlatives are the only way to describe Taylor”

You provided memorable moments and keen insight throughout the trip and made valuable contributions with your comments, concerns, stewardship, and very welcome extra gestures. Your knowledge is extraordinary. You were under considerable stress during the trip [because of your wife’s] health concerns yet never failed to say and do the right things at every moment.”

Thank you for the amazing knowledge you shared with us on those eight days in Israel. It was truly the most amazing trip and experience we have had!””

I had dreamed of going to Israel for many years. Taylor and Lisa you helped me realize a dream that was beyond expectations. Thank you for sharing your love and passion for the region and leaving me with amazing scriptural, spiritual, historical and political insights. I can’t wait for the next trip with you guys!””

Taylor, you made this a fantastic trip of learning and a great beginning to understanding so much more than we ever would have dreamed possible in a weeks time! Good job and good times!!””

Wow my mind is still circling with new found memories, facts and treasures. We are feeling very blessed that we had the opportunity to make such a trip with such incredible people and guides!””

My knowledge and insights about the Holy Land and peoples expanded tenfold when I toured with Taylor & Lisa. It was a trip of a lifetime.””

It has been some time since we last visited; yet our Israel experience still is the number one topic of conversation for us. Thanks again for making it such a delightful and lasting experience.””

I may not remember all of the historical details I have heard on this trip…but I hope I never forget how I have “felt”. Thank you!!!””

Easter meant so much more to me this year having gone through Israel! It’s been amazing sharing the things I learned with my kids 😊. What an incredible experience it was!! Thank you again for everything you did from all the arranging and scheduling to the knowledge and examples you shared. It was a priceless experience!!””

Our Israel trip was unforgettable. It has forever changed the way we feel about and understand the Bible. Thank you for all that you did to help us learn about history and increase our testimony of the Bible!”

Thank you Taylor for the amazing experience we had! I will treasure it forever!”

I loved every minute of the trip. Being around you is like drinking out of a fire hose, just so much fun and stimulating information. I may not remember a whole lot, but I know the feelings I experienced and that is enough for me.””

Thank you so much for the insights, education, and spiritual feelings. I will forever be changed by your teachings and thoughts. I will never look at the religions and people of the world the same. I came to love your family and the spirit they brought to the journey. I pray that God continues to bless and protect you in your service.”

Thanks again for a wonderful trip where I felt loved AND the spirit of the Lord so often.”

Thank you. for sharing your wonderful memories. My life has changed positively because of this experience and your sharing to help me remember this intense learning and love the Savior has for us and this world.”

I came home with a grateful heart, memories I cherish, greater knowledge of the scriptures, a stronger conviction to the church, and a group of fellow travelers that I hold dear in my heart.”

What an incredible experience we all had. What a great leader Taylor was and is. I loved his ability to help us understand what it would have been like to have been alive at the time and before Christ. To go to the same places that great miracles were performed and just everyday living. I am amazed at his great mind and ability to share the stories. How blessed we have been to be there at this time with him.”

I continue to be amazed and strengthened by the resources that you sent to us. They are so amazing and I’m so so grateful for this resource. I don’t know how to express how much it has impacted my life thank you thank you.!!!! I tell everyone what a great trip it was!!!!”

Our pilgrimage to Israel truly was a trip of a lifetime. It was an incredibly sacred experience to immerse ourselves in Christ’s life. To be able to visit and experience the places where He was born, lived, was baptized, taught, loved, healed, blessed, atoned, died, and rose again was incredibly moving and memorable.”

We had fun teasing you about all your “favorites”, but now we get it. Each experience was our favorite as well. The garden at Gethsemane, looking out over Jerusalem as we worshipped at the Jerusalem Center, the Western Wall, The City of David, the River Jordan, the Sea of Galilee, the Mt of the Beatitudes, Masada, Magdala, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Abraham’s Gate, the temple stairs…”

We couldn’t imagine doing this trip with anyone but you for our guide. Your knowledge and understanding of the culture, geography, language, scriptures and other insights, which you so freely share enhanced the experience immensely. We learned so much and felt so much. The New Testament has become alive for us.”

One of the most beautiful things we experienced was how the many different cultures and faith traditions unite in their love and devotion to God. We ended our pilgrimage changed for the better, knowing and loving our Savior on an even deeper level. We are also more cognizant of the everlasting kindness and goodness of God and are even more committed to demonstrate our loyalty, love and fidelity. Thank you Taylor for this life changing experience.”

We so enjoyed sharing this experience with you! It’s likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us and we really were glad to go with someone so knowledgeable. You inspired questions and learning. I can’t believe how you keep all the history straight in your head!”

Many, many thanks for a fabulous week! It was memorable and a week never to be forgotten! We felt each and every day was beyond any expectations!”

Thank you Taylor for an amazing trip! I learned more than I could have learned in a year of institute class on this subject. Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and resources. I have watched your YouTube channel since 2020 and it has been a huge addition to my scripture study.”

What a bonus!! Thank you! This tour has been all and more than we expected! It will be a treasure in our hearts!”

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