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You and your family are absolutely remarkable. Your energy and enthusiasm are second to none! Your humor is impeccable and your wisdom enlightening and faith-building. My testimony compounded immensely these past two weeks and I am reeling in the knowledge and experiences I felt in my heart and soul and body. Thank you are just two words, but they are laden with love and gratitude for you. With all the sincerity of my heart, these past weeks are forever etched in my being and I will be forever grateful to you and God’s mercy and grace for the opportunity.”

I had dreamed of going to Israel for many years. Taylor and Lisa you helped me realize a dream that was beyond expectations. Thank you for sharing your love and passion for the region and leaving me with amazing scriptural, spiritual, historical and political insights. I can’t wait for the next trip with you guys!”

The trip was very well planned across the board. Taylor was fantastic. He was knowledgeable, accommodating to our range and variety of questions, contagiously enthusiastic and passionate, funny, and just a great person you wouldn’t mind being stuck on an island with.”

You provided memorable moments and keen insight throughout the trip and made valuable contributions with your comments, concerns, stewardship, and very welcome extra gestures. Your knowledge is extraordinary. You were under considerable stress during the trip [because of your wife’s] health concerns yet never failed to say and do the right things at every moment.”

We couldn’t imagine doing this trip with anyone but you for our guide. Your knowledge and understanding of the culture, geography, language, scriptures and other insights, which you so freely share enhanced the experience immensely. We learned so much and felt so much. The New Testament has become alive for us.”

Easter meant so much more to me this year having gone through Israel! It’s been amazing sharing the things I learned with my kids. What an incredible experience it was!! Thank you again for everything you did from all the arranging and scheduling to the knowledge and examples you shared. It was a priceless experience!!”

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Exodus Tours provides enriching immersive experiences to destinations around the world that are educationally expansive, socially enhancing, and personally uplifting.

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