LDS Church History Tours

Pilgrimage in the hallowed grounds of LDS Church history. Experience firsthand where stories of courage, devotion, and divine intervention unfolded. Travel & Gospel Insights




Summer 2025 TBD


May 2 - May 10

LDS Church History Tours

Pilgrimage in the hallowed grounds of LDS Church history. Experience firsthand where stories of courage, devotion, and divine intervention unfolded.

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Discover Your Rich Heritage with Our LDS Church History Tours

Embark on a Journey Through Sacred History

Welcome to Exodus Tours, where we offer immersive and enriching LDS Church History Tours designed to take you on a spiritual journey through the most significant sites in LDS history. Our tours provide a unique opportunity to connect with the past and gain deeper insights into the faith and perseverance of early Church members.

Why Choose Our LDS Church History Tours?

At Exodus Tours, we offer the most comprehensive and thoughtfully planned tours. This tour offers a profound understanding of the early days of the Church and the significant events that shaped its foundation.

Expert LDS Church History Guides: Faithful Scholars and Master Teachers

Immerse yourself in a transformative journey with our knowledgeable and faithful Latter-day Saint tour guides. They will offer insightful commentary and draw connections between scripture and the historical sites you visit, enriching your understanding of your faith.

Scriptures Come Alive: Witness firsthand the locations mentioned in the Doctrine and Covenants and Joseph Smith—History. Our guides will illuminate the stories and teachings within the context of US locations and history, fostering a deeper understanding of your faith.

Interactive Learning: Our tours are designed to be engaging and interactive. Ask questions, share your thoughts, and participate in discussions led by faithful scholars and master teachers, fostering a deeper connection to the locations and their rich spiritual significance.

Gain New Perspectives: Gain fresh perspectives on scriptures, gospel principles, and church history as your guide shares passion, knowledge, and love of people. Find your faith strengthened and expanded. Our master teachers create a welcoming and supportive environment where you can build your faith.

Personal Connection: Our guides often weave their own personal stories and experiences into the tour, creating a deeper connection with the places you visit. These heartfelt moments add a unique layer to your journey.

Create Lasting Memories: Our inspiring guides will ensure your LDS Church History tour is a life-changing experience filled with spiritual growth and lasting memories.

Our Featured LDS Church History Tour

Palmyra to Nauvoo

Join us on a comprehensive journey from Palmyra, New York, to Nauvoo, Illinois, visiting the pivotal sites of the Restoration. This 9-day tour covers:

  • Palmyra, NY: Visit the Sacred Grove where the First Vision occurred, the Smith Family Farm home where Moroni first appeared to Joseph Smith, the Hill Cumorah where Joseph received the Gold Plates, the E. B. Grandin Print Shop where the Book of Mormon was first printed, and more!
  • Harmony, PA: Explore the Susquehanna River where the Book of Mormon translation began and where the Aaronic Priesthood was restored.
  • Kirtland, OH: Tour the Kirtland Temple where precious keys of authority were restored, Joseph Smith’s home, the Newel K. Whitney Store, the Morley Farm, and other key sites in the Kirtland Village. 
  • Hiram, OH: Visit the home of John and Elsa Johnson which served as Church headquarters for a time and where key revelations of the Doctrine and Covenants were received (like section 76!)
  • Independence, MO: Learn the significance of the revelations received in the center place of Zion and reflect on the early struggles of the saints here as they faced brutal opposition from their Missouri neighbors.
  • Liberty Jail: Ponder on the trials of Joseph Smith and other leaders during their imprisonment here during the winter of 1838-1839.
  • Far West, MO: Discover the site of one of the lost temples of the Restoration and learn of other significant revelations given here.
  • Adam-ondi-Ahman, MO: Explore the beauty and serenity of this sacred valley associated with key future events in LDS prophecy.
  • Nauvoo, IL: Experience the historic Nauvoo Temple, the homes of early Church leaders, and the burial site of Joseph and Emma Smith.
  • Carthage, IL: Stand in the solemn spaces where Joseph and Hyrum Smith stood during their last moments on earth before their tragic martyrdom under the hands of a violent mob. 

What to Expect on Our Tours

Immersive LDS Experiences: Deepening Spiritual Connections

Our immersive LDS Church History tours are designed to offer profound spiritual experiences that resonate deeply with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These journeys are more than just visits to historic sites; they are carefully curated experiences that foster a deeper connection to the lives of early Church members as they sought to receive and follow the revelations of Jesus Christ.

Immersive Scripture and Church History Learning with an Master Teacher and Faithful Scholar

Our guides are experts in LDS history and scripture, offering inspiring insights that enrich your understanding of each site. They are incredibly approachable and always available to answer questions and provide additional context.

Spiritual Reflection

Our tours are not just about visiting historical sites but also about spiritual growth. We incorporate opportunities for personal reflection and group discussions, allowing you to connect more deeply with the history and its spiritual significance.

Comfortable Accommodations

We partner with comfortable lodging and hotels to ensure you enjoy a restful stay after each day of exploration. Our accommodations are selected for their comfort, convenience, and proximity to the historical sites.

Join Us on an Unforgettable Journey

At Exodus Tours, we create experiences that magnify your love and appreciation for the gospel, Church History, and God’s divine hand in our lives, strengthening your faith and love for LDS heritage. Our LDS Church History Tours are designed to provide a deep, enriching experience that will leave you with lasting memories and a stronger connection to the Church’s past.

Ready to embark on your journey? Book your tour today or contact us for more information. We look forward to guiding you through the sacred sites that have shaped the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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